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Zero acceptance number sampling plans pdf

It is usually done as products leaves the factory, or in some cases even within the factory. Most often a producer supplies a consumer a number of items and a decision to accept or reject the items is made by determining the number of defective items in a sample from the lot. The lot is accepted if the number of zero acceptance number sampling plans pdf falls below where the acceptance number or otherwise the lot is rejected. Acceptance sampling procedures became common during World War II.

Some use of acceptance sampling still remains. Rather than evaluating all items, a specified sample is taken, inspected or tested, and a decision is made about accepting or rejecting the entire production lot. These are primarily statistical risks and do not necessarily imply that defective product is intentionally being made or accepted. A single sampling plan for attributes is a statistical method by which the lot is accepted or rejected on the basis of one sample. 4, “Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes”.

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