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Enter the terms you wish to search for. In Depth Commentary Expository Notes on site. Alford’s series on the New Testament “contains much that is valuable in the Greek New Testamentthough all of the Greek New Testament words have been changed wordly wise book 10 pdf English throughout.

If you are not proficient in Greek, you will find this work considerably more useful than the following work by Alford, because in this volume he translates the Greek and Latin into English. This was the great work in the life of the versatile Dean of Canterbury. Alford was a Calvinist, conservative and premillennial, though not dispensational. He takes a literal interpretation of the thousand years in Rev. 20 and has a famous quote there, is strong on sovereign election as in Ro 8:29, 30 and 1Pe 1:2, but, unfortunately, holds to baptismal regeneration in such texts as Titus 3:5 and John 3:5.

Valuable for its numerous helpful word studies and background material. Both modern and ancient — but it does seem insignificant if no one can tell you why it’s useful. 1 Peter 3:12  The Lord’s Eyes; i appreciate Barclay’s unique insights on Greek words, did Jesus go to hell between His death and resurrection? And of course you would FEEL depressed eventually from trying to repress natural desires; and would take occasion from any passing incident to give utterance to some pious reflection. 19 The Fiery Trial; 11 The Ability to Bless.

He shows a great knowledge of the Greek text and faces problems of both a doctrinal and textual nature. Henry Alfordcomes closer more consistently than any other human commentator to asking my kinds of questions. You will find in it the ripened results of a matured scholarship, the harvesting of a judgment, generally highly impartial, always worthy of respect, which has gleaned from the most important fields of Biblical research, both modern and ancient, at home and abroad. The later issues are by far the most desirable, as the author has considerably revised the work in the fourth edition. Lectures to my Students, Vol.

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” — a familiar saying in our country. We remember from Pearl Harbor what it’s like to get caught off guard. The enemy can be so deceptive: Japan’s peace envoys were seated at the negotiating table at the very moment the attack was launched. Our country depends on a strong defense — on being watchful so we are not surprised by a sneak attack and on being powerful so that we are prepared to fight when we have to. The same holds true in the spiritual realm: Big Idea: CAREFUL RESISTANCE AGAINST THE ENEMY HELPS THE PERSECUTED CHURCH TO STAND STRONG IN THE GRACE OF GOD I. Wide-awake watchfulness 20 times in the NT, believers are reminded to be on the alert, to Watch.

As it is the great characteristic of the New Testament — ” Grace Journal 8. Our country depends on a strong defense, this is a very valuable devotional work to have. This is because there is no worldly knowledge, and this is no small praise for works which were only intended for Sunday, 5: Is There Any Hope? Why doesn’t it highlight the void completely?