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Word document into pdf on mac

Aiseesoft Word document into pdf on mac to Word Converter is the professional and accurate software that helps you convert PDF to Microsoft Word document or RTF format. It adopts the powerful OCR technology to support more than 190 languages’ PDF files for accurate text recognition.

RTF file so that you can edit losslessly. When converting PDF files, it keeps original graph, texts, images, format and layout accurately. It enables you to convert selected pages to get what content as you want exactly and save your time greatly. Only read your PDF files with Adobe PDF Reader? Whether the PDF file includes text, images and graphics, or complicated layout and formatting, even password-encrypted PDF file, it is strong enough to convert them from PDF to Microsoft Office supporting format as Word, preserving your original content and format losslessly. And it also allows you to save PDF to RTF as the output file for editing on more software on your computer.

For improving the accuracy of the output document, you need to select the output language as consistent as possible with the original file. Also, you are allowed to choose one of the three optional modes – Accuracy, Balance or Speed to create even the scanned PDF files into the editable Microsoft document. With Aiseesoft PDF to Word Converter, it’s easier than before to convert numerous PDF files at a time by adding batch PDF documents. And it also allows you to convert the selected PDF pages from a PDF file to get rid of the unwanted PDF pages. Before the conversion, you could make output settings for its batch conversion as Word or RTF, PNG or JPEG of image and its resolution. Inserted powerful OCR technology supports English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Chinese, etc.

It allows you to edit your converted Word or RTF files by renaming them and selecting the output settings in bulk. You could open the PDF files for previewing its content and layout before you turn PDF into Word. It is easy with simple clicks and safe to operate on your Windows 10 privately instead of online converting. It’s the best PDF to Word program I have found so far. It’s very accurate in terms of characters, sentences, paragraphs and images, as well as tables and general formatting. This PDF to Word converter works great.

I use its free trial to convert my 25 pages PDF file to Word without any error. I get a PDF file with over 50 pages. But I only need some pages of them. This PDF converter does me a great favor to select the wanted pages to convert.

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