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Unsourced material may be challenged and wod mage the ascension core book pdf. Logo of White Wolf Publishing. Since White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

White Wolf Publishing has been an imprint of CCP hf, but has ceased in-house production of any material, instead licensing their properties to other publishers. 1994, but was abandoned just two years later after a revamped base set, name change and three expansions were published. White Wolf acquired the rights to the game in 2000, even though no new material had been produced for the game in over four years. This game was cancelled in April 2014 after nine years of development. CCP announced that Paradox had purchased White Wolf and all of its intellectual properties.

CEO of the revived company, which will remain a subsidiary of Paradox. Martin Ericsson, formerly a developer on the World of Darkness MMO, will be serving in the “Lead Storyteller” role for the company. These provided stand-alone materials for multiple game lines with the focus on a specific region or theme, e. Onyx Path in order to more clearly distinguish the two given Paradox Entertainment’s intention to reboot the original setting. Subsequently, the Mind’s Eye Theatre was revamped for the New World of Darkness.

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The license to produce Mind’s Eye Theatre content was acquired by By Night Studios in 2013. Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade product specifically for the Live-Action Role Play audience. By Night Studios is currently in development of Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse in the same rebuilding fashion as Vampire The Masquerade. In the 1990s, White Wolf also published fiction.

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