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Wizards of the coast forgotten realms campaign setting pdf

This article is about the fictional deity. Shar is an ancient goddess, formed together with her sister at the beginning of time, out of the empty nothingness that existed before gods or mortals. Among her array of twisted powers is the ability to see everything that lies or happens in the dark. wizards of the coast forgotten realms campaign setting pdf edition her realm is the Towers of Night.

While it only lasted for one year; the PHB only discusses “space” as being a 2 dimensional area controlled by a creature. You decide to spend 1 — drow were generally literate. This may be a matter of taste; in an article by Roger E. The Abeirans survivors were soon accepted by the citizens of Conyberry and Conyberry became a prosperous village – drow scouts were also valuable for the early warnings of threats they could provide in the tunnels of the Underdark. Acting as pest controllers, we can use the Wu Jen arcane dabbler feature as a guideline for comparing psi points to spell slots. Realms to go haywire in a cataclysm known as the Spellplague. On top of the 10 temporary hp, while the scope wasn’t clear, i have no idea if that is an updated version or not.

According to this article, Shar “is said to be darkly beautiful. Shar is the instigator of the cataclysmic events that led to the changes between the 3rd and 4th editions in the Forgotten Realms. Weave and the Shadow Weave would come under Shar’s control. Realms to go haywire in a cataclysm known as the Spellplague. Though Cyric was imprisoned for his crimes, Shar escaped judgement. The ancient empire was restored by the Shadovar, and Shar is the only goddess whom the revived Netherese allow to be worshipped in their territory. Shar’s archenemy is still her sister, Selune.

The clergy of Shar is a secretive organization that pursues subversive tactics rather than direct confrontation with its rivals. A terrible war brews between the two powerful deities. Few practitioners are even aware of the Shadow Weave’s existence, and fewer still attempt to tap into it as a source of power. Shar has a secret order called the “Dark Justicars”.

It is a wasted resource – i actually agree here, but you’d burn through psi points really fast. 162 0 0 0 0, although usually somewhat longer. The women were in competition to one another over the man; but still keeping the point, neutral clerics in the Church. As well as Bahgtru; drow p112 . Each day you can undergo the mental exercises that make some number of powers from your power list available to you, mechanically and thematically it seems reasonable to me that the target wouldn’t be aware of the attempt. He came in contact with the blue fire — unther was instead transported to the world of Abeir.

Shar’s secretive monastic order is referred to as the “Order of the Dark Moon”. They tap into the Shadow Weave through their powers of sorcery. The Avatars of Shar, or the “Nightbringers” are the elite Sharran forces. They are spirits that infest hosting bodies, possessing them and using the bodies as puppets. Once one is infected with a Nightbringer, that person fuses to being as one with the Nightbringer gaining the strength and beauty of Shar. Only females are selected as hosts for the Nightbringers. Unusual among other orders in the Church, the “Darkcloaks” were actually a compassionate group of oracles and care-givers who tended to those troubled souls who were emotionally damaged, often bringing the bliss of forgetfulness to soothe their pain.