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Wizard spell compendium volume 2 pdf

It was written in 1982 and published in the next year. In 2012 a revised “New Wizard spell compendium volume 2 pdf Edition” was published.

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She brings the book home with her and discovers that it is about the art of wizardry. She does not completely trust the book’s claim that she can become a wizard if she takes the Wizard Oath, but she takes it nonetheless. The next day when she is out trying to do her first spell she meets Kit Rodriguez, another wizard. After they successfully complete a spell together, Nita’s doubts are gone: she is a wizard.

Before Nita goes to sleep, she takes the Wizard’s Oath. The next morning she looks at her manual and sees her name in the wizards list. She goes to a quiet place to work a pen retrieval spell, and meets Christopher “Kit” Rodriguez, also a new wizard. Kit is making a spell intended to surround him with an aura of fearlessness.

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