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AWC emphasizes the employment of air, space, and cyberspace in joint operations. JPME Phase II program by war in the air pdf Joint Chiefs of Staff for AWC classes in Academic Year 2007 and subsequent. GM-15, and equivalent rank military officers from the international community of nations.

The first of these programs is a 10-month seminar course in a traditional classroom setting that tracks in parallel with the resident course at Maxwell AFB. Seminars are overseen by the Air War College staff and are conducted annually at the Pentagon and selected active USAF installations. The second program is a CD-ROM based correspondence course that can be taken at any time during the year and typically takes two years to complete. Air Force Auxiliary, are also eligible to attend Air War College via “distance learning,” e. CD-ROM, or in a traditional classroom setting as part of a year-long on-base seminar program at an active USAF installation. Graduates receive a Master of Strategic Studies. USAF installations worldwide, are also eligible to receive graduate level academic credit, albeit at a lesser number of credit hours.

It emphasizes the development of joint knowledges, skills and attributes required of all Air Force, Sister Service, and international senior officers as well as Department of Defense and other National Security civilians, with special focus on their application to large organization and institutional leadership responsibilities. The resident course is ten months in duration. The college also offers a ten-month non-resident seminar program on select active USAF installations and at the Pentagon which mirrors the same ten-month academic schedule of the resident program. National Security, Department of Defense and Air Forces issues. Learning Area 1: Profession of Arms Emphasis.

Graduates are capable of leading in a joint environment at the strategic level across the range of military operations. Learning Area 2: Warfare Studies Emphasis. Graduates make sound judgments on the cross-domain use of joint air, space and cyberspace power to maintain national security. Learning Area 3: Leadership Studies Emphasis. Learning Area 4: International Security Studies Emphasis. Graduates are equipped to advance innovative thought on national security, Department of Defense and Air Force issues. Learning Area 5: Communication Studies Emphasis.

Graduates can communicate complex information in a clear, concise and logical manner in both written and oral formats. NSF began in 1954 as an expansion of the Civilian Outreach Seminars held from 1947 through 1949. The purpose of the NSF is to expose influential citizens to senior U. Air Force, national and international security issues.

It is also an opportunity for the AWC students, as future military leaders, to interact with a broad cross-section of civilian leaders from businesses, industry, academia, public education, media, law, the clergy, and state and local governments, said civilian leaders possessing limited to no prior military experience. Department of Defense and U. Coast Guard civilian personnel, civilian spouses of military personnel, senior members of the Civil Air Patrol, and U. The NSF provides a frank and candid exchange of views on national security matters among NSF attendees, Air War College students, and senior military and civilian leaders. The week is devoted to exploring the many issues that affect the current and future security of our country.

To provide a unique forum in which experts on various aspects of national and international security may discuss their views with students, faculty, and our NSF attendees. The NSF is also intended to broaden perspectives and garner a mutual understanding of the U. Air Force and national and international security issues between NSF attendees and senior U. Approximately 150 selectees attend NSF each year. Specific details for NSF are provided with each nominee’s invitation. Budgetary constraints preclude the Air Force from defraying guests’ expenses.

In the very dynamic security environment we find ourselves in, every art has its rules and maxims. At around 12 degree per second, paid little attention to Jominian rules and adopted a more pragmatic approach that seemed to fit the changed conditions better than the Napoleonic model then in vogue. Who had witnessed the entire dogfight. Sensor systems are proliferating and in the very near future it will be possible to find, budgetary constraints preclude the Air Force from defraying guests’ expenses.

Maxwell AFB, and the cost of meals. Retrieved on 23 July 2013. This page was last edited on 30 January 2018, at 16:36. Air Force Ensign of India. Air Force Ensign of Pakistan.

In addition, Indian sources claim that there were 13 IAF aircraft lost in accidents, and 3 Indian civilian aircraft shot down. Partition of India in 1947. The war took place during the course of September 1965 and saw both air forces conduct defensive and offensive operations over Indian and Pakistani airspace. The aerial war saw both sides conducting thousands of sorties in a single month.