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In victors and vanquished pdf free film the British characters of the original book were changed into Americans in order to attract American audiences. Carl Foreman wrote, produced and directed the epic. He called it a “personal statement” about the futility of war.

Both victor and vanquished are losers. No battle scenes are depicted in the film. The story is told in a series of short vignettes, each having a beginning and an ending in itself, though all are connected to the others, as a series of short stories adding up to a longer one. In one vignette a group of white American soldiers attack and brutally beat two black American soldiers. The hostility of German civilians towards their American and Soviet occupiers is also depicted. This scene is remarkable for its stark, visually extreme imagery, and the non-combat stress and anguish foisted on GIs during a lull in combat.

The whole film is shot in black and white, and so the black regimented figures of the firing squad and witnesses face the lone man bound to a stake in the midst of a snow-covered plain. The addition of surreal accompanying Christmas music and absence of dialogue make this scene an often cited one. An anti-war message also unusual for the time period – and particularly regarding America’s involvement in the Second World War – is found in the final vignette. The fight ends with each man killing the other and the camera slowly pulls back to show the bodies of the two one-time allies lying in the shape of a “V” for victory in a seemingly limitless desert of rubble and ruins.

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Foreman submitted the more modest version of the scene that had been shot for the American market and the film was passed without incident. The book’s presentation is idiosyncratic, as it is both unabashedly a tie-in edition, yet seems to cautiously sidestep labeling itself an adaptation of the script per se. Curiously, the copyright is also assigned to Baron. It is unknown whether Dell bid for the publishing rights and commissioned the novelization, or if Foreman engineered its publication.