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Vibration of continuous systems rao pdf

As an important renewable energy source, wind turbine technology has become a significant contributor to the world energy production because of its feasible production cost, reliability and efficiency. Researchers are very active to optimize the effectiveness of wind turbines which may lead to increase the productivity of this source of energy. Vibration in the wind turbine system affects the productivity and thus reduces efficiency. Vibration of a system cannot be destroyed but can vibration of continuous systems rao pdf reduced or converted to energy using appropriate strategies.

Vibration control system improves structural response of wind turbines and reliability which has impact on lifetime of the components. Lowering the vibration amplitude of a system will provide a lesser amount of noise, assure user and operating comport, maintain the high performance and production efficiency. These will assist the system to prolong the lifetime of an industrial structure or machinery. Also vibration control enhances the performance of wind turbines providing suitable work environment without external disturbance. This paper presents an ample review on performance enhancement of the wind turbines by vibration mitigation. The aim of this review is to provide a concise point for researchers to assess the current trend to control vibration of wind turbines technology.

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