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Officially captains have no other responsibility or authority, although they may, depending on the league or individual team, have various informal duties, such as participation in pre-game ceremonies or other events outside the game. Although the rules do not specify any other distinction between the captain and his teammates, the captain has numerous responsibilities to the team, particularly in North American professional hockey. The captain is a dressing room leader, and also usa hockey rule book pdf the players’ concerns to management. The captain is often considered the primary representative of the team to the public, and sometimes is responsible for organizing the team’s social functions and performing ceremonial on-ice functions, such as award presentations or ceremonial faceoffs.

NHL teams need not designate the same player as captain from game to game, though most teams do. Middleton wore the “C” during home games and Bourque for road games during the season’s first half, and the two switched for the second half. This arrangement continued until Middleton retired in 1988 and Bourque became the sole captain. During each NHL game, however, only one player can officially be designated as captain. Captains are usually veteran players, though on occasion younger players are chosen. Captains are selected by different means: in some instances, teams have held votes among their players to choose a team captain, while on other occasions, the choice was made by team management.

Captains are often chosen due to their seniority in the game and years of service with their current club. However, franchise players—current or emerging stars—have also been named captains. Though not required, many captains have previously served as alternate captains of their team. Some selections or removals of NHL captaincies have been controversial, more so than the other North American professional sports leagues. Ballard would liken Sittler’s actions to burning the Canadian flag. Teams may designate alternate captains, also often erroneously called “assistant captains”.

Alternate captains wear the letter “A” on their jerseys in the same manner that team captains wear the “C”. In the NHL, teams may appoint a captain and up to two alternate captains, or they may appoint three alternate captains and no captain. A team commonly has three alternate captains when the team has not selected a captain, or when the serving captain is injured and misses a game. Captain and no more than two Alternate Captains. Hockey Canada, teams are allowed to have a captain with up to three alternate captains. If the team chooses to not appoint a captain, they are not permitted to appoint a fourth alternate captain. When the captain is off the ice or unavailable for the game, any alternate captain on the ice is responsible for fulfilling the captain’s official role as liaison to the referees.

NHL teams may choose alternate captains from game to game or appoint regular alternate captains for the season. In North America, alternate captains perform many of the same leadership and team building roles as the captain. In the NCAA, a team can designate a single alternate captain to assume the role of captain, should the captain be unavailable due to injury or penalty. The designation is traditionally placed on the left side of the sweater, though the IIHF, NHL and NCAA rules specify only that it must be in a “conspicuous location on the front” of the player’s sweater. 1,303 games during that time, the longest term in the history of the NHL by both years and games. January 1984 until May 1984. October 5, 2016, at the age of 19 years and 266 days.

Player is still active as captain of their team. January 3, 1984, and Bellows became interim captain shortly thereafter in January 1984. 21 years and 2 months at the time. NHL made a change to the rules, prohibiting goalies from being captains or alternate captains. This was in response to complaints from opponents of the Montreal Canadiens, who complained that Durnan left his crease to argue with the referee at strategic points during games, resulting in unscheduled timeouts. This rule is sometimes referred to as the “Durnan Rule. Indianapolis, Indiana: National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The Associated Press via Yahoo Sports. 19 years, 286 days, 11 days younger than Sidney Crosby was when he was named captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2007. Too young to lead the Blackhawks? Red Wings coach Jacques Demers named Steve Yzerman team captain on October 7, 1986. Buffalo Captain: October 1971 to Oct. Became youngest team captain in Minnesota history as a 19-year-old when he filled in for injured Craig Hartsburg after Hartsburg was injured on Jan. 49, the NHL passed a rule prohibiting goalies to act as captain or assistants in what could be called the “Durnan Rule.

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