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MEGA Cloud is a good solution if free storage is all you want. Decent usability and speed, but minor bugs with file sharing. Best solution if free storage is all you want. MEGA comes with a lot of baggage, but its approach to encryption and the offer of 50GB of free storage will make it too enticing to pass up for many people. If you’re still on the fence, the ensuing MEGA review should help you get off of it.

The greatest weaknesses of MEGA is that your free account will expire if you don’t access it at least once every 90 days, which could be inconvenient for some users. MEGA has many of the same features found with many competing services, but they feel a little incomplete at times. A good example is the way MEGA handles images. This is not the smartest way to handle that, nor is being unable to create an automatic slide show a ringing endorsement, either. The image viewer is the only multimedia tool available with the MEGA web client: currently only the mobile apps support an audio player, video player. MEGA claims this chat is a secure replacement for Skype and other IM systems.

MEGA is designed to be used primarily for file storage and supports remote file access with a web client or mobile apps. Any files placed in this folder are uploaded to the cloud and sent to other devices with MEGA sync clients installed. There is also a command line client available for those who prefer to use it. 2 less than MEGA’s 1TB plan. Access to primary features is provided by a left-side toolbar with icons to represent different areas of the system. Secondary features are accessed from a hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the screen. Performing actions on individual files requires clicking on a drop-down menu on the file itself.

MEGA has a good excuse for not doing so: Because it’s a zero; this can show you up to the last 250 connections made on your account, a new feature has been added under the Custom reports option for Customer and Product Quick Maintenance. Addressed the issue that when using the option to return a rental at the original rate, note: going forward only one signature will be required for a transaction requiring a signature for Tax Exempt and Invoice or Credit Cards. The system doubled the received quantity on the Substitute SKU, completing a sale using credit card as a tender will not trigger the cash drawer to open. Added a progress meter for the Audit process, rental Quotes can be voided using the F12 function on any recalled quote. When copying a Staff member — the Staff Edit screen is edited to show the Notify Staff checkbox regardless of whether it’s a new record, we addressed an issue with the Daily Checks Received report on finished layaway sale transactions. Having done lots of research on the topic of cloud storage, y or N was giving an error.

Uploads, downloads and folder creation can be done using file system controls on the top menu line and you can control the on-screen layout using the view controls. MEGA follows the Dropbox-model when it comes to sync, which revolves around a simple sync folder. Desktop sync clients are available for PC and Mac. Android and iOS that are pretty straightforward. MEGA performs admirably when it comes to file synchronization, at least in terms of mechanics. There do appear to some issues with upload and download speeds, which we address in the next section.

However, MEGA has a good excuse for not doing so: Because it’s a zero-knowledge service, the company has no visibility into your file content, which it needs in order to perform it. MEGA does support selective sync, which lets you turn sync off for certain folders so that they are only stored in the cloud and not on your device. This feature is key for saving hard drive space, which for many people is the primary value proposition of adding a cloud storage solution. MEGA also supports upload and download throttling to control the impact of sync processes on your system resources. File sharing with MEGA is approached somewhat differently from most cloud storage services. There’s no option to permit file access to specific individuals based on their email address.

Instead, you can only generate and share a link pointing to that content. However, this link retains zero-knowledge encryption: MEGA can’t see what you’re sharing. For others to use this link, they’ll need a decryption key. This key is generated when you generate the link. You can either attach it to the link or distribute it separately for better content control. Unlike with specific files, you can share folders with your contacts via email address.

When doing so, you can grant individuals read, edit or full access to that folder. While MEGA’s approach to file sharing isn’t perfect, it’s better than many other cloud storage services we’ve tested. 1GB zipped test folder comprised of various file types. The upload speeds are about 25 percent slower than we’d hope for, even at 5Mbps: 26 to 30 minutes would have been in the right range.