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People may hold two kinds of faith pdf in their minds even though they are directly contradicted by facts. These are beliefs held in bad faith.

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The fundamental question about bad faith self-deception is how it is possible. In order for a liar to successfully lie to the victim of the lie, the liar must know that what is being said is false. In order to be successful at lying, the victim must believe the lie to be true. When a person is in bad faith self-deception, the person is both the liar and the victim of the lie.

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So at the same time the liar, as liar, believes the lie to be false, and as victim believes it to be true. So there is a contradiction in that a person in bad faith self-deception believes something to be true and false at the same time. I hate those with divided loyalties, but I love your instructions. Bible uses the ancient Greek literature’s “waverer” to express “double minded”. In Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible, a double-minded man is one of two souls in that one is for earth, and the other for heaven, wishing to secure both worlds at once.

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