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The main effects of loading density, trailer microclimate, transport duration, animal size and condition, management factors including bedding, ventilation, handling, transport phenomena bird solution manual pdf, and vehicle design are summarized by species. It is clear that the effect of road transport is a multi-factorial problem where a combination of stressors rather than a single factor is responsible for the animal’s well-being and meat quality post transport.

More research is needed to identify the factors or combination of factors with the greatest negative impacts on welfare and meat quality relative to the species, and their size, age and condition under extreme environmental conditions. Future research needs to focus on controlled scientific assessments, under NA conditions, of varying loading densities, trailer design, microclimate, and handling quality during the transport process. Achieving optimal animal well-being, carcass and meat quality will entirely depend on the quality of the animal transport process. This paper summarizes transport effects on welfare and meat quality of livestock. Effects of transport on livestock are multi-factorial involving multiple stressors. Need to identify which transport factors have impacts on welfare and meat quality.

Loading density, trailer design, microclimate, and handling should be assessed. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd. The modelling procedures were validated firstly through comparison with existing test data and secondly through the testing and analysis of representative structures.

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