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He was executed by Alexander in 329 BC. The envelopment ordered by Darius failed and the Persians lost the traitor to the throne pdf after hours of fierce fighting.

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The next year Darius attempted to flee to Bactria in the east. Bessus, conspiring with fellow satraps, deposed Darius and put him in golden chains. It is not clear whether Bessus was motivated primarily by personal ambition or by disillusionment with Darius as a leader. Alexander ordered his forces to continue to pursue the Persians. According to sources, the panicked conspirators stabbed Darius and left him dying in a cart to be found by a Macedonian soldier. BCHP 1 indicates this happened in July 330 BC.

Persian noble next in the line of succession to the Persian throne. Bessus only ruled over a loose alliance of those provinces not yet occupied by the Macedonians, historians do not generally regard him as an official King of Kings of Persia. Bessus returned to Bactria and tried to organize resistance among the eastern satrapies. After burning the crops Bessus fled east, crossing the river Oxus. However his own Bactrian mounted levies deserted en masse, rather than abandon their homeland. Bessus was seized by several of his chieftains who handed him over to the pursuing Macedonians in an isolated village.

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