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The copyright was lodged in 1936. Hollywood, and the lyrics are evocative of his longing for her after they parted and he returned to England. I have always thought the words were a little pseudo-poetic, but Billie sings them with such passionate conviction that I think they really become poetry. Holiday’s these foolish things piano pdf of the song peaked to No.

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5 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. When the song was written, Maschwitz was Head of Variety at the BBC. Maschwitz during the course of one Sunday morning at his flat in London. Maschwitz’s office at the BBC. Hutch” liked it and recorded it, whereupon it became a great success and was recorded by musicians all over the world. When the Feeling Hits You!

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1945 version of the song changes the line “The smile of Garbo” for “The smile of Turner”. File:These Foolish Things – Beegie Adair. File:These Foolish Things – Ella Fitzgerald. File:These Foolish Things – Thelonious Monk. Problems listening to the files? A Yank in the R.

Sung on a record several times. Tokyo Joe cabaret in flashback. Reprised by an unidentified female at the Tokyo Joe cabaret. Wisconsin, USA: Record Research Inc.