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Location of the Yellow Oval Room on the the yellow wallpaper text pdf floor of the White House. Today the Yellow Oval Room is used for small receptions and for greeting heads of states immediately before a State Dinner.

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Double doors on the west side of the room, with flags of the United States and of the presidency on either side, lead to the president and first lady’s bedrooms, private sitting room and dressing room. The earliest written description of the room dates to the John Adams administration, and describes the room as a ladies drawing room. The room was papered in yellow with gilded stars, and a suite of crimson furniture. 1902, and moving of offices out of the residence, this oval room was again used as a parlor. Franklin Roosevelt used it as an office in the residence.

Following the Truman reconstruction the room was once more used for state events and entertaining. During the Kennedy Administration the room was designated as a drawing room and received many of the furnishings now located there as well as its designation as the Yellow Oval Room. Parish’s contributions, replacing the Truman era hotel style furniture with late 18th and early 19th century French antiques. The furnishings today are mostly in the Louis XVI style, assembled during the Kennedy restoration. 18th century chandelier in Paris for the room.

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