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The tree of guernica book pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The strategic importance of the site was increased by the tree of guernica book pdf fact that it lay on a major river estuary, where vessels could dock at the port of Suso.

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Santa María, with a church at each end of the built-up area. Life in the town became rigidly structured, with the aim being to preserve the privileges of the dominant middle classes. This pattern continued practically unaltered until the late 17th century. By ancient tradition, Basques, and indeed other peoples in Medieval Europe, held assemblies under a tree, usually an oak, to discuss matters affecting the community. Tree of Guernica acquired particular importance. It stood in the parish of Lumo, on a site known as Gernikazarra, beside a small shrine. When the Domain of Biscay was incorporated into the kingdom of Castile, the king of Castile visited Guernica and swore an oath under the Tree promising to uphold the fueros or local laws of Biscay.

Hapsburg also visited Guernica and swore the oath. Throughout the 19th century, there were frequent meetings under the Tree, including both General Assemblies and other political events. This was also a time of continual conflicts with the neighbouring parish of Lumo over disputed land. These disputes were not finally settled until 1882, when the two parishes joined together to form Gernika-Lumo. The first industrial concerns were set up in the early years of the 20th century.

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This encouraged population growth, and the town grew from 4,500 inhabitants in 1920 to 6,000 in 1936. The town was devastated, though the Biscayan assembly and the Oak of Guernica survived. The Bombing of Guernica is considered the beginning of the Luftwaffe doctrine of terror bombing, where civilian targets were selected to demoralize the enemy. The bombing went on continuously for three hours. Celebrations were staged in 1966 to mark the 600th anniversary of the founding of the town.

As part of these celebrations a statue of Count Tello, made by local sculptor Agustín Herranz, was set up in the Fueros square. It is a town with a prosperous service sector which is also home to industrial companies and has good cultural and educational amenities. All would hold assemblies under local big trees. The trees are always renewed from their own acorns. 19th century, and may be seen, as a dry stump, near the assembly house.