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This article is the third reich in power pdf the strategy game. The game was popular because of the balance between economics, politics, and land, sea, air and strategic warfare.

The game is complex and can take many hours to complete. Revised editions of the game were published in the 1980s. The side with more BRPs moves first, so by economising the previous season, a player may gain a “flip-flop” and make two consecutive moves, possibly allowing a devastating offensive. 40 is common: Germany moves first in Fall 1939, reduces her BRP total by building lots of units, so moves second in Winter, then first again in Spring 1940 as her BRP level refreshes, allowing a spectacular German offensive in the West.

Italy’s BRPs are included with Germany’s even when still neutral, but US and Soviet BRPs are not included until they join the Allies, requiring careful play around the initiative change in the mid-war. ASW become more effective later in the war. Allied bombers, which are not as cheap or effective as U-Boats, fight German interceptors, or German air factors withdrawn from the map. Excess bombers or U-boats eliminate enemy BRPs.

Each major power’s per-turn spending limit is half the total remaining after Strategic Warfare. Britain has a base of 125 BRPs, but as any BRP deficit from Strategic Warfare reduces the base, she often has to set aside half her BRPs to absorb U-Boat losses in mid-war. Germany begins with a base of 150 BRPs, but in mid-war will often have 300 or more BRPs including conquests, and after building all her forces may have enough of a surplus to see her base increase sharply. Most counters in the game represent corps, or Soviet armies roughly the size of other countries’ corps. British and US infantry have 4 movement points rather than 3, reflecting their higher degree of motorisation.

Units remain the same throughout the game, as both sides copied one another’s technological advances throughout the war. An attack at odds of 3:1 or greater is guaranteed to succeed, the only uncertainty being whether or not the defender will be eliminated outright or inflict some exchange losses. If the defender is eliminated, victorious attacking units may advance after combat into the hex. These armoured units may then “exploit”, i. There is no limit to the number of armour units which may stack on or attack from the original breakthrough hex, provided the overstack is rectified by the end of the turn. Breakthrough against an empty enemy-controlled hex is not allowed, but a key position can be attacked by obtaining an overstacked armoured breakthrough against a weakly held hex adjacent to it. An alternative type of combat is “attrition”.

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