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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Every Grain of Sand,” as a stand-out. 6, continued Dylan’s US commercial decline, reaching No.

33 during a brief chart stay. Caribbean Wind” and “The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar”, which “contrast his troubled sexual relations with the demands of a higher calling,” according to Dylan biographer Clinton Heylin. Dylan embarked on a tour in November-December 1980, before returning to his songwriting. These sessions focused on the song “Caribbean Wind,” an ambitious work that had been performed live once during November.

Already generating interest in the rock press, “Caribbean Wind” was seen as a potential centerpiece for his upcoming album, but it was not quite considered finished. Numerous attempts at recording “Caribbean Wind” during the Iovine sessions proved disappointing, with Dylan growing increasingly pessimistic about the song’s prospects. Dylan was satisfied enough to mark it for inclusion. In the meantime, Dylan concluded that another producer was needed, but after relieving Iovine of his duties, Dylan struggled to find an appropriate producer, as well as an appropriate studio. Cream Studios and United Western Studios. None of these places provided the sound Dylan had in mind but had difficulty creating.

The sessions did provide an opportunity to rehearse new compositions, including “In the Summertime,” as well as experiment with new ideas. Dylan resigned himself to Rundown, where he and his band worked through his songs over a period of several weeks. Blackwell ultimately produced that day’s session, supervising recordings of “Trouble”, “Magic” and “Shot of Love” that were later selected for the album. The experience gave Dylan an enormous amount of satisfaction, as he would later reveal in subsequent interviews, but Blackwell did not return for further work, possibly because of health issues.

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