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American writer, historian, and philosopher. He sought to unify and humanize the great body of historical knowledge, which had grown voluminous and become fragmented into esoteric specialties, and to vitalize it for contemporary application. Historian Joan Rubin writes of that period, “Despite some adolescent flirtations, he began preparing for the vocation that promised to realize his mother’s fondest hopes for him: the priesthood. However, even before the war, “other aspects of his sensibility had competed with his radical leanings,” notes Rubin. She adds that “the most concrete of those was a persistent penchant for philosophy. From then on, writes Rubin, “his retention of a model of selfhood predicated on discipline made him unsympathetic to anarchist injunctions to ‘be yourself. To be one’s ‘deliberate self,’ he explained, meant to ‘rise above’ the impulse to ‘become the slaves of our passions’ and instead to act with ‘courageous devotion’ to a moral cause.

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