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The language of song intermediate low voice pdf

The article the language of song intermediate low voice pdf a description of the algorithm of singing voice quality assessment that uses selected methods from the field of digital image processing and recognition. It adopts the assumption that an audio signal with recorded vocal exercise can be converted into a visual representation, and processed further, as an image. Presented approach is based on generating a sound spectrogram of a sample in the form of a rectangular matrix, objective improvement of its visual quality based on local changes in brightness and contrast, and scaling to a fixed size.

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Then, it uses a two-step approach: the construction of a representative database of reference samples and the identification of test samples. The process of building the database uses two-dimensional linear discriminant analysis. Then, the recognition operation is carried out in a reduced feature space that has been obtained by two-dimensional Karhunen-Loeve projection. Classification is done by a variant of Support Vector Machines approach. As it is shown, the results are very encouraging and are competitive to the most powerful state-of-the-art methods.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. Upper half of the picture displays greyscale image of a group of people enjoying themselves. Lower half shows a black background with dark blue circles on it. The word “Madonna” is written in pink and white lines in the lower half. Beneath it, on the left side, the word “Get Together” is written in white flowing scripts.

Records on June 6, 2006. The decision was spurred by the fact that “Get Together” was the third most downloaded song from the album. Get Together” portrays an anthem-like picture with its lyrics, about the different possibilities of finding love on the dance floor. Contemporary critics appreciated the song, calling it fluid in nature and a wonderful dance track. It reached the top ten in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom and Italy and topped the chart in Spain. The video showed Madonna singing the song amongst graphical visuals portraying volcanoes erupting and a cityscape.

Madonna performed the song on her Confessions Tour where she was accompanied by two dancers wearing horse reins around their head. Its digital sales stood at 20,000 at that time, whereas digital sales for “Jump” were only 9,000. Hence, “Get Together” was finally chosen as the third single. The cover artwork for the single features Madonna and her Confessions Tour crew members, including the song’s producer Stuart Price.