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Although Philip was known as handsome, his inflexible personality gained him the iron king druon pdf epithets, from friend and foe alike. He is neither man nor beast. His ambitions made him highly influential in European affairs.

His goal was to place his relatives on foreign thrones. He began the long advance of France eastward by taking control of scattered fiefs. Philip were accused of adultery. He was the second of four sons born to the couple. A few months later, one of Philip’s younger brothers, Robert, also died.

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Philip’s father was finally crowned king at Rhiems on 15 August 1271. Philip’s step-mother was Marie, daughter of the duke of Brabant. One reason for these rumours was the fact that the queen had given birth to her own first son the month Louis died. Ile-de-France, and thus effectively were united to the king’s own lands, expanding his realm. France, beginning in 1284 under Philip and Joan, for 44 years. Pyrenees was not considered to be of great importance to contemporary interests of the French crown. Philip IV, with lands elsewhere in France.

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