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The institutes of biblical law rushdoony pdf

Rushdoony was born in New York City, the son of recently arrived Armenian immigrants. There are claims that since the institutes of biblical law rushdoony pdf year 320, every generation of the Rushdoony family has produced a Christian priest or minister. Aaronic priesthood as in the Old Testament, an hereditary priesthood.

Whoever in the family felt called would become the priest. And our family did so. So from the early 300’s until now there has always been someone in the ministry in the family. Fresno County, where a number of other Armenian families had relocated. Rousas learned to read English by poring over the family’s King James Bible: “By the time I reached my teens I had read the Bible through from cover to cover, over and over and over again”.

They returned to Kingsburg in 1931 and Rousas completed school in California. His father was pastor of Bethel Armenian Presbyterian Church in San Francisco in 1942. His father died in Fresno in 1961. Rushdoony attended public schools where he learned English, though Armenian was the language spoken at home. Rushdoony and Arda Gent married in San Francisco the week before Christmas, 1943. Gospel which seems to have been forgotten for a season.

Rushdoony read at least one book a day, six days a week, for fifty years of his life, underlining sentences and making an index of its main ideas in the rear. It was during their mission to the Native Americans that Rushdoony began writing. Arda taught at the reservation school and at Sunday school, led a Girl Scout troop, coached the girls’ basketball team, and visited with families. In 1945 they adopted Ronald, an orphaned baby from the reservation. Between 1947 and 1952 in Owyhee, four daughters were born to them. Duck Valley in January 1953.

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