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Please forward this error the holy bible niv free download pdf to 108. This article is about The Biblical figure Benjamin, son of Jacob.

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Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition. Benjamin is referred to as righteous young child, who remained with Jacob when the older brothers plotted against Joseph. Some classical rabbinical literature argues that this was the original form of the name and was a reference to the advanced age of Jacob when Benjamin was born. The Torah’s Joseph narrative, at a stage when Joseph is unrecognised by his brothers, describes Joseph as testing whether his brothers have reformed by secretly planting a silver cup in Benjamin’s bag. Joseph not to enslave Benjamin and instead enslave him, since enslavement of Benjamin would break Jacob’s heart. This caused Joseph to recant and reveal his identity. Some classical rabbinical sources argue that Joseph identified himself for other reasons.

In these sources, Benjamin swore an oath, on the memory of Joseph, that he was innocent of theft, and, when challenged about how believable the oath would be, explained that remembering Joseph was so important to him that he had named his sons in Joseph’s honour. These sources go on to state that Benjamin’s oath touched Joseph so deeply that Joseph was no longer able to pretend to be a stranger. Benjamin five times as much food as he apportions to the others. According to textual scholars, this is really the Jahwist’s account of the reunion after Joseph identifies himself, and the account of the threat to enslave Benjamin is just the Elohist’s version of the same event, with the Elohist being more terse about Joseph’s emotions towards Benjamin, merely mentioning that Benjamin was given five times as many gifts as the others. Jewish tradition, between the names of Benjamin’s children and Joseph. According to several biblical scholars, Benjamin was also originally part of this single tribe, but the biblical account of Joseph as his father became lost.

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The description of Benjamin being born after the arrival in Canaan is thought by some scholars to refer to the tribe of Benjamin coming into existence by branching from the Joseph group after the tribe had settled in Canaan. Laban representing the gains of the Joseph tribes by the time they returned from Egypt. Benjamin had ten sons: Bela, Becher, Ashbel, Gera, Naaman, Ehi, Rosh, Muppim, Huppim, and Ard. 1908: Material on the tribe, its territory, Rabbinical tradition and Islam.

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