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Earth-One was the darker face of the earth pdf and merged with the primary Earth of the publication era to create a New Earth that brought back more aspects of Earth-One’s original history. Characters from DC Comics were originally suggestive of each existing in their own world, as superheroes never encountered each other. However, this was soon changed with alliances being formed between certain protagonists. 1940s until the present day.

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Alternative reality Earths had been used in DC stories before, but were usually not referred to after that particular story. Also most of these alternative Earths were usually so vastly different that no one would confuse that Earth and its history with the so-called real Earth. Earth, accidentally vibrating at just the right speed to appear on Earth-Two, where he meets Jay Garrick, his Earth-Two counterpart. Earth-Two did not fight crime until reaching Metropolis as an adult, therefore this is the first appearance of Earth-One in comics. Superman that mentions his time as Superboy, which means that it is unofficially the first story written about the Earth-One Superman. The two crime fighters meet for the first time in this story. Superman and Batman books unofficially make the switch from the Earth-Two characters to the Earth-One characters, though it wasn’t apparent at the time.

The Flash of Two Worlds” Barry Allen meets Jay Garrick. Barry Allen and Jay Garrick took place on separate but similar Earths. Crisis on Earth-One” The first team up between the JLA and the JSA, which became a yearly feature in the Justice League of America comic. This is the story in which both Earth-One and Earth-Two were first given names. A story that establishes that the Green Arrow and Speedy appearing in the 1940s were the Earth-2 Green Arrow and Speedy. Alec Holland, the Swamp Thing.

The story won the 1972 Shazam Award for Best Original Story. Justice League and the Justice Society before Earth-One and Earth-Two are merged. Phantom Zone: The Final Chapter” The last official Earth-One story. Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? It features cameos by all the other heroes of Earth-One. DC Comics to clean up their continuity, resulting in the multiple universes, including that of Earth-One, combining into one.

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