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Past and the cycles of american history pdf Milankovitch cycles. The vertical gray line shows current conditions, at 2 ky A. The variations are complex, but a few cycles are dominant. When the orbit is more elongated, there is more variation in the distance between the Earth and the Sun, and in the amount of solar radiation, at different times in the year.

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A greater tilt makes the seasons more extreme. Milankovitch studied changes in these movements of the Earth, which alter the amount and location of solar radiation reaching the Earth. Its geometric or logarithmic mean is 0. The present eccentricity is 0.

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The semi-major axis is a constant. This increases the magnitude of seasonal changes. For Earth’s current orbital eccentricity, incoming solar radiation varies by about 6. Sun currently varies by only 3.

Perihelion presently occurs around January 3, while aphelion is around July 4. The seasons are quadrants of the Earth’s orbit, marked by the two solstices and the two equinoxes. The Earth spends less time near perihelion and more time near aphelion. This means that the lengths of the seasons vary. Perihelion currently occurs around January 3, so the Earth’s greater velocity shortens winter and autumn in the northern hemisphere.