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This article is about the decryption device used at Bletchley Park. Each of the rotating the cipher in room 214 pdf simulates the action of an Enigma rotor. Phoenix” team that rebuilt this bombe. Welchman’s new design, was working by August 1940.

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It was developed in Germany in the 1920s. The Enigma’s scrambler contained rotors with 26 electrical contacts on each side, whose wiring diverted the current to a different position on the two sides. At each key depression, the right-hand or “fast” rotor advanced one position, which caused the encipherment to change. Each rotor caused the “turnover” of the rotor to its left after a full rotation.

The Enigma operator could rotate the wheels by hand to change the letter of the alphabet showing through a window, to set the start position of the rotors for enciphering a message. This three-letter sequence was the “message key”. 17,576 possible positions of the set of three rotors, and hence different message keys. Multiplying 17,576 by the six possible wheel orders gives 105,456 different ways that the scrambler could be set up. A brute-force attack is possible: one could imagine using 100 code clerks who each tried to decode a message using 1000 distinct rotor settings.