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The novel opens with the first entry in Theo’s diary. The last people to be born are now called “Omegas”. Theo writes that the last human the children of men pdf to be born on Earth has been killed in a pub brawl.

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As people have lost all interest in politics, Lyppiatt abolishes democracy. He meets with them at an isolated church. The group wants Theo to approach Xan on their behalf and ask for various reforms, including a return to a more democratic system. The Omegas are described as spoiled, over-entitled and egotistical because of their youth and luxurious lifestyle. They are violent, remote, and unstable. Council of England, which consists of five people.

The courts still exist, but juries have been abolished. Under the “new arrangements”, defendants are tried by a judge and two magistrates. Young people, preferably Omegas, from poorer countries come to England to work there. These “foreign Omegas” or, generally, “sojourners”, are imported to do undesirable work. Theo’s meeting, which turns out to be a meeting with the full Council of England, does not go well.

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