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Sync your files with the cloud! Please forward this error screen to 89. This article is about the novel. Ludlum – The Bourne Identity Coverart. The story takes readers on an action-packed journey into a world of deceptions and conspiracies, offering a psychological portrait of Bourne, and giving them the chance to experience from his point of view the life-or-death decisions he makes as he seeks to piece together the dangerous puzzle of his missing past.

The story opens with gunfire on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. One man is cast into the waves before the boat explodes, and is later picked up by fishermen, who find him clinging to debris. The only definite evidence of his former life is a small film negative found embedded in his hip containing the information required to access a bank account in Zurich. When he goes to Zurich to gain access to the bank, a clerk recognizes him.

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Circumstantial evidence leads Bourne to suspect that he should go to Paris, so he wires most of the money there. At the bank and his hotel, men suddenly try to kill Bourne, so he quickly takes another hotel guest, Canadian government economist Marie St. Jacques, as a hostage in order to escape. After escaping from Bourne, St. Jacques reports his whereabouts to men she thinks are police, but they turn out to be Bourne’s pursuers and professional killers who try to rape and kill her.

When Bourne rescues her at the risk of his own life, St. Jacques decides to help him. Once in Paris, Bourne learns that his attackers’ leader may be “Carlos,” who is described as the most dangerous terrorist of his time, responsible for numerous killings in many countries and well connected in the highest government circles. For reasons only partly comprehensible to himself, Bourne develops a compulsion to hunt Carlos. As the story develops, Bourne follows clues that bring him closer to Carlos, leading him to places such as a designer clothing store used as relay for Carlos.

Though Bourne twice briefly sees Carlos, he does not manage to catch or kill him. Jacques are falling in love. Cain took credit for kills as a way of challenging Carlos as part of a top-secret American plot. The plot is called Treadstone Seventy-One, and the truth is known only to eight men selected by covert agencies of the U. Cain to be a real person.

Zurich account, the Treadstone men start to believe that Bourne has become a traitor. They are entirely convinced of his guilt when one of Carlos’ operatives storms the building in which Treadstone is based, kills those inside, and then frames Bourne for the murders. The man now responsible for Treadstone attempts to lure Bourne into a meeting outside of Paris to kill him. Bourne escapes the trap, but does not succeed in proving his innocence.

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