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The beast of gevaudan book english pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Artist’s conception of one of the Beasts of Gévaudan, 18th-century engraving by A. Mountains in south-central France between the beast of gevaudan book english pdf and 1767. Victims were often killed by having their throats torn out.

The number of victims differs according to sources. 98 of the victims killed were partly eaten. However, other sources claim it killed between 60 and 100 adults and children, as well as injuring more than 30. Descriptions of the time vary, but generally the beast was said to look like a wolf but be about as big as a calf. It had a large dog-like head with small straight ears, a wide chest, and a large mouth that exposed very large teeth. The beast’s fur was said to be red in color but its back was streaked with black.

The Beast of Gévaudan carried out its first recorded attack in the early summer of 1764. However, the bulls in the herd charged the beast, keeping it at bay. They then drove it off after it attacked a second time. Over the later months of 1764, more attacks were reported throughout the region.

Very soon terror had gripped the populace because the beast was repeatedly preying on lone men, women and children as they tended livestock in the forests around Gévaudan. Reports note that the beast seemed to only target the victim’s head or neck regions. By late December 1764 rumors had begun circulating that there might be a pair of beasts behind the killings. This was because there had been such a high number of attacks in such a short space of time, many had appeared to have been recorded and reported at the same time. Some contemporary accounts suggest the creature had been seen with another such animal, while others thought the beast was with its young. On January 12, 1765, Jacques Portefaix and seven friends were attacked by the Beast.

After several attacks, they drove it away by staying grouped together. He then decreed that the French state would help find and kill the beast. Three weeks later Louis XV sent two professional wolf-hunters, Jean Charles Marc Antoine Vaumesle d’Enneval and his son Jean-François, to Gévaudan. Abbaye des Chazes, was said to have been quite large for a wolf. Antoine officially stated: “We declare by the present report signed from our hand, we never saw a big wolf that could be compared to this one. Which is why we estimate this could be the fearsome beast that caused so much damage. The animal was further identified as the culprit by attack survivors who recognised the scars on its body inflicted by victims defending themselves.

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