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There are a variety of instances in which you may be subjected test of everyday attention pdf a polygraph, or lie detector examination. These tests can be a source of tremendous anxiety, even for people with nothing to hide, and for good reason.

Polygraph examinations are interrogations and it is all too common for innocent people to fail them for no reason, resulting in the denial of employment or false criminal accusations. Fortunately, they are easy to trick, so follow these steps to take control of your interrogation. Remember to tell the truth. Say only what you need to. Resist the temptation to explain your answers or to go into details, although the polygrapher may try to get you to do so.

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Be courteous and cooperative, but do not offer any more information than is absolutely necessary. No matter what the lines on the chart look like, nothing is more certain or damaging than your confession. However, you want to appear honest, so don’t be afraid to make minor admissions to control questions. Just make sure you don’t admit anything in these that can invite further questioning or that may be construed as relevant. Remember that the job of polygraphers is to extract confessions. In many ways, the whole examination is a complex ruse to trick you into confessing something. Answer questions firmly, seriously, and without hesitation.

This is no time to joke around or try to be crafty. You want to appear earnest, cooperative and resolute. Except during control questions, you should try to maintain a breathing rate of 15-30 breaths per minute. Do not breathe too deeply. Alter breathing rate with control questions. The polygrapher will compare your physiological responses to control questions to your responses to relevant questions.

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