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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Torrentz will always love you. Derulo wanted the album to be “totally different” from his previous albums and show the growth in his writing and his overall performance saying “there are so many twists and turns on the album It’s important when someone thinks they’ve figured you out to flip them”. In total Derulo had written over 300 songs and recorded between 100 and 120 songs for the album over a one-year period. August 2, 2013, it has since topped the charts in the United Kingdom and 13 other countries.

March 24, 2014, as the fifth overall single and is currently impacting charts. Derulo bring out his more “sensitive side” compared to previous his work. It’s a step up and I’m ready. It’s important that people don’t expect what I give them. It was a main goal of mine to mix up the sounds. There are so many twists and turns on the album It’s important when someone thinks they’ve figured you out to flip them. Jason Derulo, on the album.

I was not able to dance, I couldn’t even really bop my head. It’s the simple things that you take for granted — not being able to perform for that amount of time, and also knowing that it could be gone in an instant. I wouldn’t change the accident for anything because I’ve grown so much from it,” Jason admits. Derulo then decided to channel all of this creative energy into studio time, on writing and recording his third album. He had written over 300 songs, recorded between 100 and 120 of those songs for the album and had to narrow them down to 12. A very difficult process for him as he states “I wanted to be sure that the album was a roller coaster ride, that every single song was totally different from the last I wanted to be sure this album was far different from that one, to make sure that the growth was present. I really wanted this album to be a direct representation of who I am.

I didn’t want to hide anything. This album, I wanted to tell a story. Jordin Sparks on “Vertigo” and four additional newly recorded songs. The title of the album was inspired by the months of rehabilitation during the recording process after he injured his neck while preparing for his tour.

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