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Chanca piedra is a remarkable medicinal plant long used in Central and South America to treat kidney stones, liver sunfood diet success system pdf and gallstones painlessly. Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine – EARTHCLINIC.

Chanca piedra is a remarkable medicinal plant that has long been used in Central and South America to treat kidney stones. Stone breaker” is the literal translation of the plant’s common name, given to it by Spanish settlers who recognized its medical value, a value increasingly recognized in the modem world of complementary medicine. It also contains organic compounds that reduce the spasmodic activity of smooth muscles in the kidneys, bladder, and ureter so that kidney stones can pass more smoothly. Further, it has been shown to inhibit the expression of h. Chanca Piedra: Kidney Stones and More! In addition to its benefits for those with kidney stones and gallstones, chanca piedra is well-regarded as a potential remedy for hepatitis B, for reducing cholesterol in the bloodstream, and in modulating blood sugar levels.

A friend told me that she tried chanca piedra for a foot bone spur and, within 2 months, the bone spur completely dissolved. Is this herb the answer to quickly dissolving a foot bone spur I have, which is painless but unsightly and makes it very difficult to wear a left shoe properly because of this bone spur? I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this subject. It lowers blood sugar and my guess it that it creates a more alkaline PH so the mineral balance of the body remains intact. I had a rash of ringworm on my neck which didn’t budge for weeks with the topical Well I started drinking chanca piedra tea for my painful kidneys and guess what? Once again, something to do with the blood sugar levels? Also, my TMJ doesn’t bother me when I drink it.

69 or something like that. Obviouslythis makes one very drowsy so I don’t drink it as often as I should. I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder 3 years ago. X-ray showed a build-up of calcium around my shoulder joint. Cortisone injection did absolutely nothing, same with painkillers. Eventually got rid of the raw, tearing pain with acupuncture.

However, 3 years later I still have a lot of stiffness in that shoulder. I was wondering if Chanca Piedra might be worth trying to dissolve the calcium. Any views or advice would be appreciated. You might want to look into vitamin K2. The way I remember it, K2 moves calcium to the places it needs to go and away from the places it shouldn’t be. Chanca Piedra is a stone breaker. In addition you need to take foods rich in vitamin K.

Hi Ed2010 I use one whole chanca piedra plant; i ate a small bowl of oatmeal the other day and felt like a total renegade. Capsules and alcoholic tincture forms, adding chemicals to the herb ruins the synergicity of all the herb’s active natural chemical components and so this form does not work so well. 1000 mgs three times a day with meals, and now it’s an opportunity to make money. For the dentist to say that I was on the right path as far as he could tell. One pill I’m fine though. I like how you broke down the info with the colored boxes — name and the telephone number of the person to contact.