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Sum of products and product of sums pdf

We give the construction first in these two cases, under sum of products and product of sums pdf assumption that we have only two objects. Then we generalise to an arbitrary family of arbitrary modules.

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The key elements of the general construction are more clearly identified by considering these two cases in depth. This parallels the extension of the scalar product of vector spaces to the direct sum above. One should notice a clear similarity between the definitions of the direct sum of two vector spaces and of two abelian groups. Additionally, by modifying the definition one can accommodate the direct sum of an infinite family of modules. This set inherits the module structure via component-wise addition and scalar multiplication. This is not true for modules over arbitrary rings.

The extension is done by defining equivalence classes of pairs of objects, which allows certain pairs to be treated as inverses. The norm is given by the sum above. The direct sum with this norm is again a Banach space. Note that not every closed subspace is complemented, e. This space is complete and we get a Hilbert space.