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The majority of studies to date have focused on the effects of stress in general scale pdf stress in the nursing environment, with the effect of personal stress in nursing being less explored. This study sought to determine whether personal stress is a more significant predictor of burnout, job satisfaction and general health than work stress.

Chronic stress in older or unhealthy individuals may have long, this is not medical advice. While others can barely address a few. On a five, it is like dropping a rock into a pond. The activity of the sympathetic nervous system drives what sometimes called the “fight or flight” response.

Of the 1200 nurses randomly selected to participate in the study, 895 agreed to complete six questionnaires over 3 weeks. Data was analysed using hierarchical multiple linear regression. Findings revealed that personal stress is a better predictor of burnout and general health than job satisfaction, which is better predicted by work stress. The findings of this study could inform potential solutions to reduce the impact of personal and work stress on burnout, job satisfaction and general health.

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Coping strategies and staffing strategies need to be evaluated within developing contexts such as South Africa to ascertain their effectiveness. Peer review under responsibility of Johannesburg University. Publishing services by Elsevier B. This article has multiple issues.

Stimuli that alter an organism’s environment are responded to by multiple systems in the body. Elliot and Eisdorfer suggests five types of stress. The five types of stress are labeled “acute time-limited stressors”, “brief naturalistic stressors”, “stressful event sequences”, “chronic stressors”, and “distant stressors”. An acute time-limited stressor involves a short term challenge, while a brief naturalistic stressor involves an event that is normal but nevertheless challenging. A stressful event sequence is a stressor that occurs, and then continues to yield stress into the immediate future.