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Strayer University operates under the holding company, Strayer Education Inc. The university enrolls about 40,000 students through its online learning programs, and at 78 campuses located in 15 U. Donoho joined the school strayer world history book pdf 1902.

During the 1930s, the college was authorized to grant collegiate degrees in accountancy by Washington, D. The school founded Strayer Junior College in 1959, when it was given the right to confer two-year degrees. The college expanded the range of degree programs and courses it offered to include subjects such as data processing management and health care management. During the 1990s, the college began to focus on offering information technology courses.

In 1996, the college launched Strayer Online to offer classes via the Internet. In 1998, Strayer College was granted university status by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission and became Strayer University. Sondra Stallard was named the thirteenth president of Strayer University in May 2007. Stallard had been dean since 1996. 2010, from 14,009 in the fall of 2001 to 60,711 in the fall of 2010. Enrollment dropped to 42,975 by 2015. The institute offers a fully online Executive MBA program, as well as certificate programs.

In 2012, Michael Plater was named fourteenth president of Strayer University. Previously, he served as provost and chief academic officer. In October 2013, the university initiated a major change in its physical operations by announcing the closure of its 20 Midwest campus locations. Strayer reported total enrollments dropped 17 percent, while new enrollments dropped 23 percent.

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