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London” in “Londonderry” has staying strong pdf free download daubed over with black paint. Northern Ireland’s two main communities. Londonderry”, which changed to “Derry” in 1984. Calgach”, after an unknown pagan.

In recognition of the London investors, the 1613 charter stated “that the said city or town of Derry, for ever hereafter be and shall be named and called the city of Londonderry”. A new city charter in 1662 confirmed the name “Londonderry”. I very much hope that Ministers will stop talking about “Londond’ry”. If they do not call it “Derry” they might at least call it “Londonderry”. Before the outbreak of the Troubles in the late 1960s, the name was less contentious. While “Londonderry” was the official and formal name, most people in Northern Ireland called it “Derry” in informal speech. London Companies were despairing of retaining their hold upon Derry this Amendment would be accepted by the House.

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The Amendment would be welcomed in the North of Ireland, where the county in question was always spoken of as Derry, and not as Londonderry. City of Londonderry was spoken of both as Derry and Londonderry. The name of Derry was given when it was spoken of as a separate division of the county. James Doherty protested that it was “a foreign warship which had been called after a version of the name of the city”. Until the 1960s there was a happy use of both Londonderry and Derry.

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