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CSR is now an important area of focus for sport related bodies. Aim of this paper is to define the concept of corporate social responsibility, its importance sport promotion and sales management pdf sport and to conceptualize its value based on some striking case studies carried out successfully by sport related bodies.

Documentary research method was used in this study as a data collection method. Further, some striking case studies of CSR carried out successfully by sport related bodies were examined to represent applicability of CSR in sport management. Because of the important role, impact and visibility of sport in society and the ability for sport to address social issues, there is a close integration between CSR and sport. It can be said that CSR is an important aspect that is highly relevant for different sport related bodies and a number of different types of CSR behavior within sport can be ranged.

For instance, in this presented paper, some detailed case studies were explored such as sport governing bodies like FIFA, professional sport leagues like NBA, professional sport clubs like FC BARCELONA, individual athletes like FREDERICK OUMAR KANOUTE and sporting goods businesses like ADIDAS engaging in different forms of CSR activities to address social concerns. These sport related bodies use their unique position to help people based on their ethical and philanthropic responsibilities and they can provide some benefits through their CSR approach. 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd. The Home of the 4 Hour Investor Grade Business Plan. The game first ran in the U.

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