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David Guetta – Where Them Girls At. Initially, “Where Them Girls At” was recorded in 2010 and featured just Rida, however after getting into touch with Smart girls boys and girls club pdf 14 18 about a collaboration, Guetta played Minaj the record and she decided to record vocals for it. Los Angeles in May 2011 and released on 28 June 2011.

File:David guetta where them girls at. A sample of “Where Them Girls At”. Minaj wanted to appear solo on one of Guetta’s records, agreed to appear on “Where Them Girls At” after hearing it for the first time. As a result of their action, Guetta and his label released the single earlier than planned, with no promotion. Rida and Minaj, then known as “Where Dem Girls At? Where Them Girls At” hit U. The song uses open fifths instead of a chord sequence, with a sequence of C-Eb-Bb-Ab.

The song is set in modern time with a moderately fast tempo of 130 beats per minute. He awarded the song three out of five stars. Where Them Girls At” saw a top ten debut in New Zealand and a top twenty debut in Ireland and the Netherlands. Guetta his twelfth top twenty hit. 160,000 digital downloads in less than one week and giving Guetta his third top 20 hit in the US. As of December 2014, the song had sold over 1. 6 million copies in the US.

However, the vocalists only appear in each of their respective verses. The video shows giant bubbles which contain the song’s beats, drifting across the streets of Los Angeles. When people burst the bubbles, they start dancing uncontrollably. Guetta is at a rooftop, table turning, and creating bubbles. Minaj inhales one of a bubble and starts singing to the beat of the music, while breathing out bubbles. The bubbles which Guetta produces, attract many people. David Guetta Teases Nicki Minaj’s ‘New Persona’ On ‘Where Dem Girls At?

Flo Rida: ‘Where Them Girls At? Hip-Hop in the Hot 100’s Top 10? Where Them Girls at: David Feat. Loca People” – Hit of the Year 2011 in Poland! Where them girls at ft.

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