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Series of unfortunate events wide window pdf with images

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The book was released on Friday, October 13, 2006. After a storm, the Baudelaires arrive and are welcomed on an island by a young girl named Friday. Count Olaf disguises himself as Kit, but the islanders, led by a man called Ishmael, find out. The islanders capture him and shun the Baudelaires for their possessing forbidden items. That night, two of the islanders sneak out to feed the children, asking them to join a mutiny. Agreeing, the Baudelaires go to the arboretum to collect weapons, where they discover a hidden room with a book that chronicles the history of the island.

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Ishmael arrives, explaining to the children that their parents were once the island’s leaders and were responsible for many improvements in island life, but were eventually overthrown by Ishmael, who brought the island back to a simple and austere way of life while hoarding comforts for himself. The Baudelaires and Ishmael go back to the other side of the island, where the mutiny is already underway. Ishmael harpoons Olaf in the stomach, inadvertently shattering the helmet containing the Medusoid Mycelium, a deadly fungi, infecting the island’s entire population. The Baudelaires run back to the arboretum to find horseradish, a cure for the fungi, which turns out to be in the hybridized apples on a tree in the arboretum. They gather apples for the other islanders, only to discover that the island people have abandoned the mutiny and boarded their outrigger canoe, preparing to leave the island.

Ishmael promises that he will save the islanders by sailing to a horseradish factory, but refuses to give them the apples, despite having already consumed one himself. At this point, Kit is about to go into labor. Though she is succumbing to the fungus, she cannot eat the bitter apple due to its unhealthy effects on unborn babies. When the dying Olaf hears that she is still alive, he uses his last effort to get her safely down onto the beach, where he kisses Kit and dies soon after. The Baudelaires help Kit give birth to a baby girl. Kit then dies after requesting that the orphans name the baby after their mother Beatrice.