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Sega 32x game manuals pdf

SEGA ECCO THE DOLPHIN INSTRUCTION MANUAL Sega 32x game manuals pdf Download. View and Download Sega Ecco the Dolphin instruction manual online. Ecco the Dolphin Game Console pdf manual download. Sega Ecco the Dolphin on manualslib.

Thank you for purchasing Ecco the Dolphin! Be sure to read this instruction manual thoroughly before you start playing Ecco the Dolphin. Ecco the Dolphin is a memory card compatible game . VMU to be used must have at least 8 memory blocks of free space available.

Saving and loading to and from your memory card occurs automatically. Expansion Slot 1 of the Dreamcast Controller that is connected to Control Port A. P ro l o g u e . C o n t ro l s . M a n e u v e r i n g .

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O p t i o n s . E n e m i e s . N o t e s . 12:12 PM Page 1 Thank you for purchasing Ecco the Dolphin! Please note that this software is designed only for use with the Dreamcast console. Save Files Ecco the Dolphin is a memory card compatible game . You must have at least 8 blocks of space to save.

12:12 PM Page 4 THE GAME SCREEN This is what you’ll see when playing Ecco the Dolphin. In the upper left corner of the screen are two bars. 00 12:12 PM Page 6 CONTROLS The configuration displayed is the default configuration. In the Options menu, you can choose between two types of controller configurations. 00 12:12 PM Page 8 Maneuvering Accelerating and Swimming – Press or Hold the A Button Pressing the A Button quickly and repeatedly makes Ecco accelerate. Each time you press Button A, Ecco will swim faster. To maintain your current speed you can hold down the A Button and Ecco will swim at a steady pace.

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00 12:12 PM Page 10 The Camera There are several camera types available during the game. Trailer Camera – Tap the Directional Pad This is the default camera mode. The camera stays right behind the dolphin at all times and points in the direction Ecco is facing. The VMU already has valid save files of Ecco the Dolphin on it. You can load a game from the VMU, save a new file or even save a file over a previous saved game or delete a file. 00 12:12 PM Page 14 THE SONGS As Ecco gains friends, he will be able to learn the ancient songs of the dolphins.

Ecco to perform tasks which might be impossible otherwise. Aquamarine Bay is the first level of Ecco the Dolphin, and is designed to provide you with an introduc- tion to the basic elements of the game. This walkthrough will help you achieve this goal quickly. The Vitalit Crystals There are five Vitalit Crystals in Aquamarine Bay.