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Of course, secrets of the secret place pdf the goal of uniformity depends upon the number of states that choose to adopt it. As with other Uniform Acts, some states have modified language in their version of the statute. A valid patent provides a legal monopoly for seventeen years in exchange for public disclosure of an invention. If, however, the courts ultimately decide that the Patent Office improperly issued a patent, an invention has been disclosed to competitors with no corresponding benefit.

In view of the substantial number of patents that the courts invalidate, many businesses now elect to protect commercially valuable information by relying on the state trade secret protection law. The UTSA made note of the commercial value and competitive advantages inherent in trade secrets. For example, goods may have been manufactured in State A, warehoused in State B, sold from State C, and delivered in State D. As a result, the UTSA sought to alleviate the uneven development and “uncertainty concerning the parameters of trade secret protection” by recommending a uniform trade secret law and, at the same time, allowing the states the flexibility to meet local circumstances by modifying the text as enacted in each state.

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These remedies are based on legal precedent set by previous cases, and therefore allow for greater uncertainty, particularly in less industrial states where there have been fewer trade secret cases. The UTSA contained a prefatory note followed by 12 sections of proposed law. Each section was followed by a “comments” section that provided clarifications and examples as to the intent of the law. Section 1 presented definitions of key terms as they are used throughout the act.

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