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Sears furnace model 58g0080-1a pdf

CRAFTSMAN C950-sears furnace model 58g0080-1a pdf-0 OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Craftsman C950-52948-0 owner’s manual online. C950-52948-0 Snow Blower pdf manual download.

SNOW TH ROWE R Model C950-52948-0 13. 30 inch CAUTION: You must read and understand this owner’s manual before operating unit, Serial No. Toronto, Ontario M5B 2C3 Revision – Visit our Craftsman website: www. Thankyou for purchasing this quality-built Craftsman snow thrower. We’re pleasedthat you’ve placedyour confidence in the Craftsman brand.

When operated and maintained according to the instructionsin this manual, your Craftsman product will provide many years of dependable service. This manual contains safety information to make you aware of the hazards and risks associated with snow throwers and how to avoid them. TABLEOFCONTENTS OPERATOR SAFETY ASSEMBLY . TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY . CONTENTS O FSHiPPiNG CARTON . SET THELENGTH OFTHE CABLES .

OPERA TORSAFETY Readthe Manual Control Symbols on Equipment DANGER Read, aSSEMBLY NOTE: Reference t o rightand lefthandsideof thesnowthrower is fromthe operator’s p ositionatthe handle. 30″ SNOWTHROWER C950, e1 1070 1005 1070 Assemblies include all parts shown in frames. Children a reoften attracted totheunit clothing — visit our Craftsman website: www. Orderreplacement decals from yourlocaldealer.

SPEED SELECT LEVER ASSEMBLY . OPERATORSAFETY Hazard Symbols and Meanings DAHGER- Amputation Hazard The dischargechute containsa rotating Safety Alert – identifies safety informationabout impeller to throwsnow. Never clear or unclog hazardsthat can result in personal injury. Fingers can quickly become caughtand traumatic Operator’s IVlanual- Read and understand before amputation or severe lacerationwill result.

OPERA TORSAFETY Readthe Manual Control Symbols on Equipment DANGER Read, understand, and follow all theinstructions onthe snowthrower andintheoperator’s manual before o perating thisunit. Forward Fuel Failure t oobserve thesafety instructions in thismanual will result i n death orserious injury. Neutral On Off ,, Bethoroughlyfamiliarwith thecontrolsandthe properuse ofthe snow thrower. If it is Fuelandits vaporsareextremely flammable andexplosive, Alwayshandlefuel withextreme care.

Remember youareresponsible for yoursafety andthat of Failureto observethesesafetyinstructionscancausea fire those around you. Ior explosion whichwill resultin severeburnsor death. OPERATORSAFETY Children Moving Parts DANGER DANGER Keep hands, feet, a ndclothing away f romrotating parts. Tragic a ccidents canoccur if theoperator is notalert t o the Rotating p arts cancontact or entangle h ands, feet,hair, presence ofchildren, Children a reoften attracted totheunit clothing, or accessories. WARNING This snowthrower m ustbeproperlymaintained to ensure safe j Startingenginecreatessparking. F ailure to observethe safety WARNING j Sparkingcanignite nearbyflammable gases. OPERA TORSAFETY Lookfor this symbol to indicate importantsafety precautions.

Become cannotbe read,orderreplacement decals from yourlocaldealer. ARNING:If anysafety decalsbecome wornor damaged and Alert! Your Safety is At Risk. Before operatingyour snow thrower, read the safety decals as shown on yoursnow thrower. The cautionsand warnings are for yoursafety.

ASSEMBLY NOTE: Reference t o rightand lefthandsideof thesnowthrower is fromthe operator’s p ositionatthe handle. T henremove cartonmaterial a sshownin Figure2. Remove shearpinsandcotterpinsfrompartsbagand placein shear boltstorage box. NOTE: Setthefuelstabilizer a sideuntiladdinggasoline to thefuel tank.

Werecommend t hatfuel stabilizer b eadded to thefueleachtime thetankis filled. Locknut NOTE: Makesurethecables arenotcaughtbetween theupperand lowerhandle. ASSEMBLY SPEED SELECT LEVER ASSEMBLY 1. NOTE: Viewis fromright sideof unit standing in operator’s p osition. Positionspeed selectorleverassembly as shownin Figure9. NOTE: Makesuretheslot in thechutering alignswith thearrowonthe outerring. Thechutedeflector m ustpointforwardfor properinstalla- tion.