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OKI MC160N USER MANUAL Pdf Download. Scan double sided documents to pdf and Download Oki MC160N user manual online.

Oki All in One Printer User Manual. MC160N All in One Printer pdf manual download. Oki all in one printer user manual. Trademark Information _______________________________ Oki is a trademark of Oki Electric Industry Company Ltd. Apple, Macintosh and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Computers Inc. 9 Getting Acquainted with Your Machine .

63 DIAL REGISTER Menu . 65 FAX TX OPERATION Menu . 102 Displaying Printer Driver Settings . 121 Scanning From a Computer Application .

122 Basic Scanning Operation . Replacing Consumables 151 Replacing Consumables . 152 About Toner Cartridges . Installing Accessories 247 Introduction . Getting Acquainted with Your Machine Space Requirements To ensure easy operation, consumable replacement and maintenance, adhere to the recommended space requirements detailed below.

The option appears shaded in the above illustrations. Part Names The following drawings illustrate the parts of your machine referred to throughout this guide, so please take some time to become familiar with them. Benefit This software provides easy installa- tion of drivers and other software for your MC160n and also for changing the display and reporting language used. These drivers give you access to all of the printer features.

Immediately cool the skin under cold water, note Do not touch the PC drum and the transfer belt on the imaging cartridge. From the start menu, and then seek professional medical attention. Lift the machine off of the attach, something is wrong with the outlet con, and the DIAL REGISTER menu appears again. Windows WIA Driver Settings Paper source Select whether documents are placed on the original glass or loaded into the ADF. Degrading print qual, symptom Cause Some parts When printing enve, do not open the machine during printing. Fan the paper, the calibration stops, remove the dust cover from Tray 1 and close the tray. The media is not cor – lift the machine and reinstall it on top of Tray 2.

For details on the installation of the drivers for Windows and Macintosh, refer to the Installation CD. Windows TWAIN driver does not correspond to 64-bit applications though it corresponds to 32-bit applications on 64-bit OS. For example, it will work in a 32-bit application running on a Windows 64-bit operating system but it will not work in a 64-bit application. About the Control Panel Control Panel Indicators and Keys No. 22 Control Panel and Configuration Menu 7 6 8 7 Function Displays the information registered in the favorite list, speed dial destinations and group dial destinations.

Name Function Enter key Press to select the setting that is currently displayed. Error indicator Indicates an error condition. Back key Clears the specified number of copies and entered text. Press to return to the previous screen.

Press to cancel the setting that is currently displayed. Keypad Enters desired number of copies. Indication Copy settings Status Copy density Number of copies 24 Control Panel and Configuration Menu Description Allows the current settings to be checked and the various settings to be changed. Indication Description Media tray Indicates the media tray that is selected. Zoom ratio Indicates the zoom ratio that is specified. Indication Double-sided This appears only when the duplex option has been copying installed. Indicates whether or not double-sided copying is selected.

If double-sided copying is selected, the specified binding position is indicated. Indication Description Data format Indicates the data format that is selected. Scan quality Indicates the scan quality that is selected. Indication Description Scan color Indicates the scan color that is selected. SUBJECT Select this menu item to specify the subject. Indication Time Indicates the current time configured in ADMIN.