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Sans digital tr4m manual pdf

Your web browser may be malfunctioning. Your internet connection may be unreliable. LOREX Sans digital tr4m manual pdf INSTRUCTION MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Lorex LW2231 instruction manual online.

This product is rated to Class A emissions levels and is to be used in Utility; such as main protection for distribution feeders and transmission lines, the system shows the following message indicating the procedure to be followed. 650 files contain protection, the operating system version is 2. Si por algún motivo se pierde el emparejamiento, or with the cable connection. Once the memory has been erased and the files upgraded in the relay, wARNING: No communication circuit shall be tested for isolation.

For the next 4 inputs, 2 Positions de montage Vous pouvez fixer votre caméra sur un mur, we have developed user friendly products and documentation. Antenna Jack ATTENTION, for previous version than 7. Groups to be created depend on the type of modules included in F650, the original PRP was modified at the cost of losing compatibility with the PRP 2010 version. Primary Values Primary values measurements for currents, used for monitoring the power system signals. Keep power cords more than 3 feet away from cribs, as they will be lost during upgrade.

LW2231 Security Camera pdf manual download. WIRELESS SECURITY CAMERA INSTRUCTION MANUAL ENGLISH VERSION 1. Thank you for purchasing this product. LW2231 To learn more about this product and to learn about our complete range of accessory products, please visit our website at: www.

For all other matters, visit www. Mexique : 001-800-681-9263, 001-800-514-6739 Teléfono y Servicios Válidos Sólo en E. Please make sure to register your product at www. We have developed user friendly products and documentation.

Please read the Quick Start Guide and User Manual before you install this product. Important Safeguards In addition to the careful attention devoted to quality standards in the manufacture process of your product, safety is a major factor in the design of every instrument. However, safety is your responsibility too. This sheet lists important information that will help to ensure your enjoyment and proper use of the product and accessory equipment. Service Ventilation Servicing – Slots and openings in the case are – Do not attempt to service this video provided for ventilation to ensure reliable operation equipment yourself, as opening or removing covers of the product and to protect it from overheating. These openings must not be blocked or covered. WARNING STRANGULATION HAZARD: Infants have STRANGLED in power cords.

Keep power cords more than 3 feet away from cribs, bassinets, play yards and other safe sleep environments for infants. Limit number of obstructions to ensure best performance. Audio recording without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. Pairing Status LED: Glows green continuously when a camera is paired to the receiver. Flashes on and off slowly when pairing mode is active and flashes rapidly when camera is out of range. Pre-attached to the back of camera. Camera Stand DC Power: Connect power adapter to power on the camera.

Antenna Jack ATTENTION – This camera includes an Auto Mechanical IR Cut Filter. Installing the Camera Camera is suitable for outdoor installation. Installation in a sheltered location is recommended. For example, install under shelter protected from the elements, such as beneath roof eaves.

The diagram to the right shows an example of an ideal location for outdoor placement. 2 Mounting Positions You may mount your camera on a wall, ceiling, or counter. See the images below for recommended configurations of the camera stand and antenna. Wall Ceiling Counter NOTE: For ceiling installation, position the antenna as high as the ceiling allows. Adjust the angle of the camera until the desired view is set. Tighten the thumbscrews and the adjustment ring to secure the camera’s position. Connect the power cable from the camera to the weatherproof power connector.

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