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This article is about the Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler. Bundesarchiv Bild 146II-849, Rudolf Heß. He was taken prisoner and eventually was convicted of crimes against peace, serving a life sentence until his suicide. Shortly before the war ended, Hess enrolled to train as an aviator, but he saw no action in this role.

Nazi attempt to seize control of the government of Bavaria. 1933, Hess was appointed Deputy Führer of the NSDAP and received a post in Hitler’s cabinet. Hess continued to be interested in aviation, learning to fly the more advanced aircraft that were coming into development at the start of World War II. During much of the trial, he claimed to be suffering from amnesia, but later admitted this was a ruse. 1947, where he served a life sentence.

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Still in custody in Spandau, he died by suicide in 1987 at the age of 93. His brother, Alfred, was born in 1897 and his sister, Margarete, was born in 1908. Within weeks of the outbreak of World War I, Hess enlisted in the 7th Bavarian Field Artillery Regiment. May, and was hit by shrapnel in the left hand and arm on 12 June 1916 in fighting near the village of Thiaumont.

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