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Greek words in his Latin Vulgate translation. Holy R.s wallace the lord’s supper pdf alighted upon the eleven apostles after Easter. Pilgrims to Jerusalem report visiting a structure on Mount Zion commemorating the Last Supper since the fourth century CE.

Some scholars would have it that this was the Cenacle, in fact a synagogue from an earlier time. The anonymous pilgrim from Bordeaux, France reported seeing such a synagogue in 333 CE. But a Jewish origin for the building has come under serious question for which see below. The building has experienced numerous cycles of destruction and reconstruction, culminating in the Gothic structure which stands today. While the term “Cenacle” refers only to the Upper Room, the building contains another site of interest. However, no architectural features associated with early synagogues such as columns, benches, or other accoutrements are present in the lower Tomb chamber. Pixner suggests that the area on Mount Zion was destroyed and that the Cenacle was rebuilt in the later first century.

Pixner believes rather that they are Herodian-period ashlars, allowing him to date the construction of the building to an earlier period. The Roman emperor Theodosius I constructed the five-aisled Hagia Sion basilica likely between 379 and 381 CE. Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, depict a smaller structure just to the south of basilica. Some have identified this smaller structure as the Cenacle thus demonstrating its independence from, and possible prior existence to, the basilica. Saint Mary featuring a central nave and two side aisles. The Crusader cathedral was destroyed soon afterward, in the late 12th or early 13th century, but the Cenacle remained.

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Today, part of the site upon which the Byzantine and Crusader churches stood is believed to be occupied by the smaller Church of the Dormition and its associated Abbey. Friars who managed the structure until 1524. At that time Ottoman authorities took possession of the Cenacle converting it into a mosque. The Franciscans were completely evicted from their surrounding buildings in 1550. Architectural evidence remains of the period of Muslim control including the elaborate mihrab in the Last Supper room, the Arabic inscriptions on its walls, the qubba over the stairwell, and the minaret and dome atop the roof. The historical building is currently managed by the State of Israel Ministry of the Interior.

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