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R ggplot export to pdf labels missing

I’ve been conducting quite a few case-control or propensity score matching studies lately. These create the case-control r ggplot export to pdf labels missing, plus calculate some of the standardized bias metrics for matching on continuous outcomes.

I will provide a quick walkthrough of how it works. There is documentation in the header for what the parameters are and what the function returns. Now just for illustration I am going to make a fake dataset to illustrate the utility of matching. Here I have a universe of 2,000 people. 28 years old and male.

So what happens when we make comparisons among the entire sample, which includes females and older people? Compare means with the original full sample. We get basically no difference, our treated mean is 0. 40 and the untreated mean is 0. But instead of comparing the 165 to the entire sample, we draw more reasonable control cases. Id in the same row as the original treated sample.

You cannot easily make the updated comparisons that you want though in this data format. So after writing the code to do this about 7 times, I decided to make it into a simple macro. Now run my macro to make the matched sample. Then it is simple to see the difference in our means among our matched sample. Now the t-test with the matched sample subset. Which shows the same mean for treated, 0. 51, so here the treatment reduced the outcome.

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