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Protective manual solution manual black burn pdf

JAVELIN J330I USER MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Javelin J330i user manual online. J330i Printer pdf manual download. J330m NBS Technologies – December protective manual solution manual black burn pdf Rev.

USB cable – Ribbon – Cleaning cartridge – Driver and documentation CD – Cleaning kit – Quick Start guide If any items are missing, please contact your dealer. Loading cards First shuffle a stack of new cards to reduce any electrostatic charge. Always handle cards by their edges. Do not try to eliminate the gap by pressing down on the card stack as this can cause a misfeed. Printer features Controls, connectors, and indicators LCD panel Installation and Setup. General specifications Ribbon specifications Card specifications Bar codes Fonts Card dimensions Bi-directional communications interfaces Mechanical specifications Electrical Environmental Options Appendix A Magnetic Card Stripe Encoder. Introduction Thank you for choosing the Javelin J360i Card Printer.

This manual guides you to efficient start up and operation of your new Card Printer. This manual guides you to efficient start up and operation of your new card printer. Controls, Connectors, and Indicators Your printer has an LCD display panel and a panel button on the front and a power connector, power switch, and interface connectors on the rear panel. 2 Installation and Setup General Information This section will guide you through the installation and setup of your printer. This consists of the following procedures, which should be performed in the order presented. Unpacking the Printer Your printer ships in a carton and protective anti-static bag. Keep all packaging material in case you need to move or reship the printer.

Inspect the shipping container to ensure that no damage has occurred during shipment. If any damage is apparent, file a claim with the shipper. Your printer ships with warning tape where the card cleaning cartridge will be installed, and a pad that protects the printhead from possible damage in shipment. Open the printer’s main cover. Remove the cleaning cartridge warning tape. Release the printhead carriage by pushing the printhead carriage latch to the left, and raise the printhead carriage. Loading a Ribbon Although this paragraph applies to the J330i only, the ribbon loading method applies to both models.

Javelin i-series printers require the use of Javelin encoded i-series ribbons for full colour printing. The resin thermal transfer and dye sublimination ribbons for J330i are specifically designed for your J330i printer. Gently press the printhead carriage down until it is fully lowered, as shown below. Very little force is necessary to perform this step. Caution: Do not touch the printhead if the printer has been in service within the last 10 minutes. It could be very hot and cause a burn.

Electrostatic discharge caution: A static discharge is possible if you touch any exposed metal parts. Installing the Card Cleaning Cartridge The card cleaning cartridge cleans the cards entering the printer and consists of a cartridge frame and an adhesive roller, which are packed together. Remove the cartridge frame and the adhesive roller from their packaging. Insert the adhesive roller into the cartridge frame. Open the card feeder cover. The card thickness control lever is at the front of the left-side opening of the card feeder area Note: Set the card thickness control before loading cards.

Loading Cards This section shows how to load plastic cards into the printer. The printer can also load and print cards fed individually. Information on this is given in the next chapter. Card Output Hopper This item is used for collecting printed cards. Grab the sides of the hopper and slide out. Note: To prevent movment during shipping or operation the hopper is a very snug fit.

Firm force is therefore required to change its position. Windows printer driver and your card This manual guides you to efficient start up and operation of your new Card Printer. Connecting the Printer to your Computer This printer includes a standard USB interface. If using the USB interface, use the supplied USB cable to connect between the USB connector on the printer and a USB port on the computer, as shown below. Connecting Power This printer includes an internal AC power supply that accepts nominal input voltage in the range from 110 to 230 volts at 50 to 60 Hertz. The power source must be grounded. Depending on specific model number, your printer will include a power cord.

Printing a Test Card With ribbon and cards loaded, your printer is ready to print. To check the operation of the printer, you should print a test card. Printing a test card does not require that the printer be connected to your computer or network, but power must be applied. Sample card designs are installed with the printer driver. Sample cards require Microsoft Word or Microsoft Paint application software. The cards are accessed via the start menu. Select start, select programs, select Javelin card printers, and select a sample card, or follow the directions below to design a card.

Or at their direction, rIBBONS JAVELIN ENCODED INTELLIGENT RIBBONS. If the job does not print, tRADEMARKS JAVELIN is a registered trademark of NBS Technologies. Media loading Orientation for Contactless Smart Cards Orientation is not important unless the card is to be printed — if the LED is flashing green, grab the sides of the hopper and slide out. Depending on specific model number, 6 have not been tested.