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Prentice hall earth science soil conservation pdf textbook only

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Calculating surface Runoff and precipitation etc. It prentice hall earth science soil conservation pdf textbook only an estimate about water resource potential of the river basin. Hydrology has been a subject of investigation and engineering for millennia.

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For example, about 4000 BC the Nile was dammed to improve agricultural productivity of previously barren lands. BC, described a philosophical theory of the hydrologic cycle, in which precipitation falling in the mountains infiltrated the Earth’s surface and led to streams and springs in the lowlands. It was not until the 17th century that hydrologic variables began to be quantified. By measuring rainfall, runoff, and drainage area, Perrault showed that rainfall was sufficient to account for flow of the Seine. Marriotte combined velocity and river cross-section measurements to obtain discharge, again in the Seine. Rational analyses began to replace empiricism in the 20th century, while governmental agencies began their own hydrological research programs.

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The most vivid image of this is in the evaporation of water from the ocean, which forms clouds. These clouds drift over the land and produce rain. The rainwater flows into lakes, rivers, or aquifers. The water in lakes, rivers, and aquifers then either evaporates back to the atmosphere or eventually flows back to the ocean, completing a cycle. Water changes its state of being several times throughout this cycle. The areas of research within hydrology concern the movement of water between its various states, or within a given state, or simply quantifying the amounts in these states in a given region. Parts of hydrology concern developing methods for directly measuring these flows or amounts of water, while others concern modelling these processes either for scientific knowledge or for making prediction in practical applications.